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Specialized training and certification in the secrets of Professional Negotiations!

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We provide Professional Training that leads to International Certifications, customized and tailored to your specific needs.

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“During the training I was free to talk about matters that concerned me, without any criticism. The definition of an out-of-the box education program!”


“The Tutor of 360U was excellent, he gave us solutions and suggestions that will help us achieve better results in our work.”


“For the first time in a training program, I didn’t just receive the information I really needed for my job, but more than what I would ask for.”


“The great interaction and cordiality of the Tutor of 360U were very important for me.”


“The Program was extremely interactive and there was a direct communication between the Tutor of 360U and the participants.”


“The Program was focused on the needs and work duties of the participants, full of practical and not only theoretical examples.”


“It was probably one of the best training programs I’ve ever participated in.”


“Together with the Tutor of 360U, we managed to set the vision of the company, as well as our personal vision on the department that we are working in!”


“The Tutor of 360U was very communcative. She made the whole training very interesting for all the participants, through her knowledge and experience!”


“The training was excellent!”


“Congratulations to the Tutor of 360U. I would be delighted to meet him again at my workplace. Totally worth it!”


“Keep doing great cooperations with Excellent Tutors.”


“During the 2 days training the Tutor of 360U taught us how to become better as people first and then in our work!”


“I discovered new aspects of myself and I learned new ways to evaluate various situations and behaviors.”


“Interactive, communicative, educated, excellent Tutor!”


“The Program was direct, with insightful analysis and many practical examples.”


“I would say that the program exceeded every expectation, as it was based on our personal development, our ethos and behavior.”


“The Tutor of 360U was not just a Tutor. He was a man who inspired us to become better people.”


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