People invest in education when:
  • They are aware that the skills, knowledge and skills they will acquire are necessary and directly applicable
  • They are confident that education will add value to their professional development

We established 360U Betters Skills – Better Business in order to provide educational services that meet these needs, tailored to each individual and business.
All our trainers have excellent educational and professional backgrounds. This asset combined with the trainers’ excellent knowledge of the Greek and international markets are key factors in providing high quality services.

Through up to date educational resources, high technology and continuous support, 360U offers services with strong experiential methodology and flexibility, aiming to surpass the expectations of the most demanding participants.



Our Ethos.

Education is a continuous and evolving process. 360U supports students in every step of their training process, not only for the implementation of education and their personal development, but also for the practical application of knowledge gained.

Our Commitment.

To share your concerns and be consistent partners in providing the solutions you need.
“We are not just offering alternative choices.
We are committed to providing credible solutions.”



360U Betters Skills – Better Business consists of highly skilled executives and trainers with many years of experience in business and professional education, available and willing to provide answers and solutions to any difficulty or challenge you may face.