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In Company Training

At 360U, we offer the most integrated training solution in every single stage or the full range of Education and Development Training and we develop Academies from the process of selecting new executives up to the Human Resources Development of your business. Our methodology is based on the ADDS Model.

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360U will work with your business to evaluate the appropriate Education and Development Program for your needs through a set of assessment tools.

360U‘s exclusive collaboration with MRB Hellas, the leading market research firm in Greece that implements the “360 ​° Holistic Human-Oriented Approach”, is the tool for analyzing business needs, skills assessments, skill frameworks and business investment expectations.

We translate your needs into concrete and measurable goals (KPIs). These goals include business outcomes, changes in people’s performance and learning outcomes. Our Consultants, Specialists and Trainers can help your business choose the right educational program that suits best your people’s Education and Development needs.

We provide consulting services for selecting the “right” participants to attend each Educational Program in order to increase the effectiveness of each investment.

360U offers a high level of flexibility and efficiency when it comes to Education. This is achieved by our team of experienced trainers through the implementation of all modern Training methods in time and place that suits your people best.

  • Interactive Workshops
  • Experiential Education
  • On the job training
  • Outdoor activities
  • Role play

At 360U, we offer a wide range of individual and corporate support to measure and track the achievement of the goals we have set together in order to monitor whether the changes and the outcomes you planned were achieved.

360U collaborates with International Organizations to help businesses measure the ROI of the Education Programs, as part of the ADDS Methodology Assessment Stage.

At 360U, we use a diagnostic process that provides clear reporting on the required business performance and learning goals that Education has to offer, ensuring that the alignment of both parties will have a positive impact after investing in Education.

This approach allows the evaluation of investment in Education, as the measurement fields are agreed in advance, in the design and implementation stage of the Educational Program.

Implementation Phases of In Company Training

The preparation of the program is always carried out in cooperation with the company’s management team through the following phases:

Discussion with the company’s management team for monitoring the needs, problems and points to be improved

Discussion and On the Job Monitoring for selected participants, through which strong and weak points of approach are identified

Identification of the participants’ individual needs, as they perceive them on a given topic through questionnaire and interviews

Video recording of roles by volunteer participants to be used in the implementation of the program

Finalization of the methodology, duration and content of the program

The Training Methodology is strongly participative and experiential. Theory is combined with practice, through the application of various activities, such as:

Case Studies

Syndicate Cases

Practical Exercises

Focus Examples

Team Projects


Role Playing

Indoor & Outdoor activities

Each Training Program is supported by internal Facilitators who, after the training, will be able to:

support the implemented activities

implement short internal follow up programs

coordinate work groups when necessary

support the program if necessary

In this phase, the individual and team actions of the participants, which led to the achievement of the company’s objectives on selected topics, are recorded through the following indicative actions:

Impact of Individual Actions of the participants aiming at the achievement of the company’s objectives.

Business presentations highlighting the strengths and advantages. of the company

Presentation of Success Stories. Editing, tracking and presenting the Success Stories of the participants who delivered successful business actions.

After the completion of the Training Program:

The Management Team of the company will be provided with the Outcomes’ Report as well as proposals for the implementation of future actions aimed at further developing the skills and efficiency of the executives of the company.

A presentation of the training results will be sent to the Management Team, giving the opportunity for an open discussion to take place on strategic development issues and the achievement of company-related training objectives.

Development of a plan for further improvement actions derived from the discussion, will be sent as well to the Management Team of the company.

At 360U, we offer Educational Programs and Services that meet your needs in the following areas:

Motivating Teams

Retail Team Leader

Basic Management Principles

The Role of a Leader

Project Team Development & Management

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Project Management

Developing Strategic Thinking

Leading Change in an Organization


Cooperation Development

Conflict Management

Effective Communication Techniques

Presentation Techniques

Story Telling

Public Speaking

Time management

Customer Experience Management

Retail Team Leader


Customer Service Consulting

Stress Management in Customer Service

Customer Service Coaching

Sales Organization & Management

Sales Negotiations

Phone Sales Development & Empowerment

Managing Accounts


Sales Coaching

Digital Customer Experience

Marketing & Digital Strategy

Digital Optimization

Digital Customer Experience

Stress Management

Coaching & Feedback

Emotional Intelligence

Crisis management

Change Management



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Business Management Consultant, Tutor, Financial Analyst & Writer
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Business Consultant & HR Management & Development Tutor
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Marketing & Sales Tutor | Deputy CEO, ΜLS
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Customer Service Tutor & Sales Expert
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Business Development Consultant, Coach, Tutor & Writer
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HR Development Tutor
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Business Consultant & Marketing, Sales & HR Tutor