Master Program in Business Administration

9 months (168 hours)
MBA Program

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360U, recognizing the growing need for training and recognition in the field of Business Administration, presents, with the support of the Union Of Hellenic Chambers Of Commerce (KEEE), and in exclusive cooperation with the European University of Cyprus and the Greek Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Master Program in Business Administration.


The aim of the Master Program in Business Administration is to develop executives who, upon successful completion of the Program, will be able to successfully meet market needs and respond immediately to changing business environments and provide integrated solutions to issues that hinder business operation.

In more depth, the program aims:

  • To train executives through the provision of the necessary knowledge and skills
  • To connect the program with the contemporary needs of private and public sector businesses
  • To develop and utilize research at both theoretical and practical level
  • To provide modern and specialized knowledge and business solutions
  • To empower executives through modern, specialized management practices


Upon successful completion of the program the participants will be able to:

Have an in-depth understanding of business operation and management

Promote and implement ideas and practices that respond to the challenges of the modern business environment

Develop and apply techniques for the collection, analysis and evaluation of information and data

Focus on research and develop innovative ideas to cope with existing problems in business management

Expand and develop interpersonal and leadership skills

Develop business models and adapt to particular environmental conditions

MBA Program

The Master Program in Business Administration consists of 4 modules and has a total duration of 168 hours.

The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with the ways that finance and finance tools could be used to support business decision making. Participants will evaluate the contribution of finance (primarily micro and macroeconomic also) to develop a competitive business behavior.



Financial Management

The aim of the course is to cover the most important principles and techniques in Human Resource Management and to help participants understand the importance of their application in today's business management.


Strategy in Human Resources Management

Job Evaluation

Compensation and Benefit Policies

Staff Training and Development Methodologies

Effective Personnel Selection Procedures

Recruitment, personnel selection

Assignment of duties

The course provides participants with the tools to enable them analyze data (environment, market, competition, etc.) and properly evaluate the marketing strategy options provided. Participants will have the opportunity to combine strategic marketing with other business goals as well as effective sales management.


Preparation and implementation of strategic marketing planning

Study and analysis of the Marketing environment

Consumer behavior

Competition analysis

Market Analysis - Segmentation

Product development and pricing strategy

Distribution channels management

Digital Marketing

Sales Management

Customer Experience Management

Sales Techniques

Negotiation Techniques

Exports' Branding

Through this course the participants will understand that modern theories and methodologies of strategic management multiply the effectiveness of a business, transforming it into a system of increased adaptability, capable of managing changes in the business environment, gaining competitive advantages.


Planning and Organization

Business Strategy & Innovation

Process & People management

Making Decisions, Troubleshooting

Team cooperation

Project Management

Communication Skills

Performance management, motivation

Coaching and Empowering Employees

Leadership Skills

Time & Stress Management

Change Management

Presentation Techniques

Crisis management

The Program is implemented via in-class face-to-face workshops which take place Friday (17: 30-21: 30) and Saturday (09: 00-17: 00), twice a month, or via eLearning on the same days and time. The maximum number of participants per intake is 15.


  • Duration:
    • 168 hours face-to-face workshops or 168 hours eLearning
  • Price:
    • Chamber Members 2.650€
    • Non member 2.950€
  • Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance from European University of Cyprus
  • Language: Greek
  • Venues:

Chamber of Korinthia, 2, Ermou str., Korinthos (Start Date: 15/11/2019)

Chamber of Evros, 307, Dimokratias Ave., Alexandroupolis (Start Date: 14/02/2020)

Chamber of Drama, 40, L. Labrianidi, Drama (Start Date: 14/02/2020)

Chamber of Ileia, 28 Oktovriou str. & Iroon sq., Pirgos (Start Date: 21/02/2020)

Chamber of Chania, 4, El. Venizelou str., Chania (Start Date: 25/09/2020)

Commercial & Industrial Chamber of Rodopi, 2, Vas. Georgiou str., Komotini (Start Date: 25/09/2020)

Chamber of Kavala, 50, Omonias str., Kavala (Start Date: 25/09/2020)

Chamber of Argolida, 23, Korinthou str., Argos (Start Date: 25/09/2020)


The Master Program in Business Administration is addressed to:

Entrepreneurs and Business Executives

For those who wish to pursue an executive’s career and have not yet studied Business Administration


Upon completion of the Program and the successful evaluation of the final assignement submitted by the participants, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded by the European University of Cyprus.

Master Program in Business Administration

  • Business Finance Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Marketing & Sales Management Planning
  • Strategic Management & Leadership
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Dr. Antonis Zairis is the Scientific Director of the Master Program in Business Administration.


Antonis Zairis studied Political Sciences and acquired an MBA. He also holds a PhD title in Economic Sociology from the Panteion University, Athens. He has served for 30 years as a managing executive in Sales and Marketing divisions as well as  Director General of various multinational corporations and in large Greek companies. From 2005 to 2012. he has held the position of Director General of the Hellenic Retail Business Association. During the period 2012-2013 he holds the position of Director General of Hellenic Aid (International Development Cooperation Service) in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece. He is also an Alternative Representative of Greece and an Alternate member of the West Group in the Intergovernmental Commiittee of Experts regarding the sustainable Development Financing Strategy in the U.N. Framework (2013-2014). Today, he is Vice President of the Hellenic Retail Business Association.

He has served as a Business Counsellor in issues of Organization and Management, whereas he also has a 25-year experience as an educator in internal business training. Moreover, he has delivered series of lectures in various Universities both in Greece and abroad and he has written many articles and research works for economy newspapers and other renowned magazines. He has taught as a fellow Visiting Lecturer at the Athens University of Business and Economics (2002-2006) and at the Technological Institute of Piraeus (1996-1997), as well as on graduate programmes of Business Administration at the University of New York in Tirana and the University of New York in Prague. Today he holds the position of Visiting Lecturer in Business Administration at the Demokritus University of Thrace.

He is a Member of American Economic Association (AEA), the British Institute of Management (BIM), the Centre for Financial Studies of the Goethe University of Frankfurt (CFS), the Company of Top Business Executives (EASE), the Hellenic Academy of Marketing and the European Journalists’ Union.


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